Green Jobs

What Are Green Jobs And Their Impact On The Economy

It is a no-brainer that the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere significantly harms the environment. Decarbonizing the atmosphere is one of the crucial aspects of climate change, which also has the potential to develop millions of green jobs.

Green jobs are defined as jobs that are directly aimed at creating awareness and protecting the environment. According to the 2021 Report by Emission Gap, the earth’s temperature is expected to rise by 2.7 degrees by the end of the decade. Hence, immediate attention to the environment in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases is essential to limit the effects of global warming. If we fail to do so, the disastrous effect on the environment seen so far will increase twofold.

What are green jobs?

The UNEP defines green jobs as positions or jobs in manufacturing, agriculture, administrative offices, R&D, and other service activities aimed at substantially preserving and restoring the equality of the environment. These jobs have a direct impact on reducing the effects of greenhouse gases. According to the ILO (International Labor Organization), the job:

  • Increases and promotes the efficient use of raw material and thereby help in energy conservation
  • Limits the emission of greenhouse gases
  • Minimizes the waste and contamination of the surrounding areas
  • Helps in protecting and restoring the environment
  • Contributes in different ways to adapt to climate change and decreases further change in the climate.
  • Helps in building and enhancing the global economy.

Booming sectors in green jobs

The decarbonization employed by the green jobs will help develop a much sustained and circular economy and help existing jobs to employ more sustainable methods to run their businesses. The sectors which will benefit from green jobs are:


2019-2021 Covid-19 pandemic put a lot of pressure on supply chains and the structure of energy development and consumption, drastically impacting the global economy. Moreover, this sudden and drastic change has negatively affected the employment sector. Hence, developing new green jobs will not only help move to use renewable energy from fossil fuels but also increase the chances of employment in the field.


According to reports, the sales of organic food products, including fruits and vegetables, have dramatically improved to 15% globally. The pandemic, along with the growing concerns of people in health and the environment, has increased the consumption of organic produce, with North America and Europe being big players in the organic agricultural industry.


70% of global emissions come from road transport. Green jobs help in minimizing this number and significantly improve air quality. This means shifting to using electric vehicles, using public transport, and better career opportunities in the field of automobiles.

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