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The WELL AP credential is the first professional credential to focus exclusively on the relationship between indoor occupant health and wellness and the built environment. Take a look at the credential and consider the professional benefits of earning your WELL AP.
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What is the WELL Building Standard?

Designed and developed by Delos, the WELL Building StandardⓇ is an entire rating system dedicated to indoor building occupant health and well-being.

While LEED addresses aspects of health, wellness and productivity in its Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ) category, WELL goes deeper committing to the development of entire categories, called "Concepts", emphasizing air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind.

Within each Concept, WELL compliments other green building rating systems that address human health and productivity, such as LEED.

Indeed, pursuing certain concepts and conditions in WELL can lead to achieving credits and imperatives covered by both LEED and the Living Building Challenge, respectively.


What is the WELL AP Credential?

The WELL AP is a professional credential that demonstrates knowledge of the WELL Building Standard and the relationship between occupant health and the built environment.

To earn the WELL AP you must pass the two hour WELL AP exam. There are no prerequisites to taking the WELL AP exam. Try our Free WELL AP practice test here.

Like the LEED professional exams, the WELL AP exam is developed and administered by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) and, similar to the LEED AP exams, GBCI only recommends that you have prior experience with green building which may include relevant volunteer service, work experience, or education background prior to taking the exam. WELL AP exam candidates must be at least 18 years of age and comply with the GBCI Disciplinary and Exam Appeals Policy.

Free WELL AP testAn in-depth WELL exam preparation guide is provided here.

If you are preparing for the WELL AP exam, you should familiarize yourself with the WELL Building Standard, WELL AP Candidate Handbook and the WELL Certification Guidebook

It is also recommended that you take practice tests, use or create your own flashcards to memorize hard to organize data, such as standards and thresholds for each Concept and immerse yourself in the concepts relevant to WELL during the exam preparation process.


The WELL AP and LEED AP credentials are both increasingly in demand by employers and holding the credentials may open up job opportunities in the growing green building industry.

Green building is increasing in popularity as building owners and employers are learning that sustainability strategies can not only improve our environment and employee productivity, but also save money and enhance their bottom lines.

Posted jobs that actively reference holders of LEED and WELL AP credentials include real estate managers, commissioning and construction services, project architects, energy efficiency associates, sustainability consultants, and more.


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