Health and Physical Activity

Physically active indoor environments bring health and wellness to occupants and help them to avoid chronic diseases and obesity.
credit: Thomas Galvez via Flickr

Health and physical activity is more important than ever as some studies suggest that Americans' sedentary lifestyles are a major contributing factor to obesity. Physically active indoor environments bring health and wellness to occupants, helping to avoid chronic diseases and overweight.

Green building design can incorporate strategies for more physically active environments, such as creating "active" spaces that make walking or exercise both more enticing and easily available. Such strategies include making stairs easily accessible and visible, incorporating on-site gardens, providing bike-share programs, enticing artwork in stairwells, exercise facilities and designing staircases that are at least 20% wider than the code dictates.

Physically active buildings such as the Forest House by Steven Winters Architects, Riverside Health Center in NYC by 1100 Architect and Atelier Ten, the David Zwirner Gallery in NYC by Selldorf Architects and Atelier Ten, and the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital in California by Perkins + Will are excellent examples of health and physical activity-incorporated into design.


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