Benefits of LEED-Certified Homes

The Many Benefits of LEED-Certified Homes

Ever since Earth Day was celebrated for the first time in 1970, green living has become a part of the mainstream lifestyle. But it was in 1993with the development of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental (LEED) standard by a non-profit organization the USGBC, green living entered popular consciousness. Since the establishment of LEED, sustainability, energy efficiency, environmental awareness, and pollution control became the benchmark to improve the quality of our life as well as the planet.

By 2013, USGB has redefined the rules and introduced various rules to design and construct houses and buildings without destroying the planet and its resources. By constructing homes according to these rules, you are showing your respect and love for the environment and deep appreciation for craftsmanship. So, having LEED certification will ensure that your home is constructed to suit your lifestyle along with respecting the environment.

Having LEED certified home has many benefits as it focuses on the well-being of the environment as well as your family. Following the guidelines of LEED has numerous benefits such as:

Environmentally friendly

One of the most obvious benefits of building homes according to LEED standards is that they are environmentally friendly. These houses will be using sustainable designs and eco-friendly materials to increase energy efficiency and reduce water and resource wastage. All these changes in your home will help in reducing the carbon footprint. If you are not going for sustainable houses due to the cost of construction, understand that they will help in reducing your utility bill.

Improve the well-being of your family

Improve the well-being of your family

Building houses that are sustainable and do not destroy the environment will boost the well-being of your family. Compared to traditional homes, LEED-certified homes improve the quality of air as it is constructed in such a way that it boosts ventilation. Moreover, the resources used for building homes are made of environmentally friendly resources, hence they won’t pose any health problems.

Better quality of life

To get a LEED certification of a certain level, you will have to build your house in a neighborhood that is surrounded by trees and should have green spaces. This will help you and your family get connected with nature. The eco-friendly interiors with trees and greenery will ensure that you stay connected with nature as well as with mainstream society.

Gain Federal tax credits

Along with improving your overall well-being, you will receive federal tax credits if you follow LEED standards.

Low charges for home repairs

When you are constructing a house following LEED standards, you will be using the best resources available for construction. Thus, your green home will be long-lasting with lower chances for any repair work.

So, construct a LEED-certified home to lead a healthy and happy life along with embracing nature.

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