How to Eliminate Drafts from Your Fireplace and Save Energy

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Claire Moloney
June 26, 2014

You can prevent a draft from your fireplace and save energy and money by installing a fireplace plug, cover or door.

Even though you are closing your damper, it is possible that it is still leaking hot air out (or cold air in). A lot of times, dampers can become warped, even after just one fire. Even a new damper could leak because it is not tightly sealed.

Free LEED Exam PreperationThere are some relatively inexpensive solutions for your fireplace, such as a fireplace cover or a fireplace plug. A fireplace door may be more expensive, but it can also help to eliminate drafts from moving in or our of the chimney.

Fireplace Plug: The Draft Stopper

A fireplace plug can be inserted in your fireplace to block air from moving in or out of the chimney.

For example, Enviro Energy International, Inc. sells their patented Fireplace Plug, which is a polyurethane “pillow” that you can use to seal the fireplace when it’s not in use. Enviro Energy claims their product, which they sell on their website, will prevent drafts even when the damper is closed.

The Fireplace Plug comes with a tube, which can be used to blow up the “pillow”, and a prop device, which you can use to push it into place below the damper. The Plug is sturdy and can withstand many temperatures and debris.

When you want to make a fire, you can simply remove the Fireplace Plug.

The Fireplace Plug retails for $54.95 on the company’s website, and can save up to 30% on heating and cooling costs.

Fireplace Door

If you don’t already have a fireplace door, you can invest in one. Of course, when sealed shut, the door can prevent air from moving between the house and the chimney.

An added benefit of a ceramic glass fireplace door is that you can close it during fires, which improves safety, especially if you have children or pets. This can prevent some of the radiant heat from warming the room, but also prevents warm air from the living room from moving up the chimney while the fire is burning.

However, heat will still escape through most fireplace doors. Also, this will cost more money than a fireplace cover or fireplace plug - it can range from $200 to $1000, according to Mother Earth News.

Fireplace Cover

Much like a fireplace door, a fireplace cover will block air from moving in or out the chimney. However, if installed properly and sealed effectively, the fireplace cover can be more effective at blocking a draft than a standard glass fireplace door. Also, they are much cheaper than glass doors.


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