The Green Building Top 5 - July 8, 2015

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Dave Clemen
July 8, 2015

Here are the Top 5 highlights and links to the past week's most compelling articles on green building and LEED. 


Cannabis Construction: Entrepreneurs Use Hemp in Home Building

Utility-scale: STUYVESANT, N.Y. — It started with Hurricane Katrina: the flooded houses in New Orleans festering with mold, many uninhabitable to this day. Then came the earthquake in Haiti: thousands dead, crushed by homes that should have been their sanctuaries. Read Full Article


Tesla is Betting on Solar, Not Just Batteries

Tesla’s Powerwall storage system is not a radical innovation, and it is not the first battery for energy storage on the market. But, as Elon Musk surely understands, it is not always the best technology that wins the innovation race. Rather, it’s often the one that best fits with existing dominant technologies, so that the success of the two becomes interrelated. Read Full Article


Green Can Still Be a Competitive Advantage. Here's Why.

"Tenant preference is ultimately driving green building adoption, but owners and local governments are willing partners because of the broad benefits," Jessica says. It’s a given that new Class-A buildings will be built green, she adds. According to the 2015 Green Building Adoption Index, a joint project of CBRE and Maastricht University, Denver's No. 6 nationally in green office space, which counts buildings holding LEED or Energy Star cert or both. Denver edged out LA this year for the spot. Read Full Article


US Green Building Project Exceeds Expectations

A university report has found that the development of green buildings in the American state of Delaware has surpassed the government’s expectations, with the buildings saving more energy than expected. Read Full Article


Could This Be What the World’s First Truly Green City Looks Like?

Sure you’ve heard of green architecture, but what about a building made entirely from plants? A new proposal by Dutch experiential designer and architectural manager Raimond de Hullu (MSc), called OAS1S, promises that in the near future we might all be living in our very own garden homes.  Read Full Article


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