I am a recent Cornell University graduate with a degree in Environmental Policy.  I have work experience in energy conservation, as well as environmental and climate justice.

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Baltimore, MD
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Cornell University
Science of Natural and Environmental Systems

Work Experience

Environmental and Climate Justice Leadership Fellow
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People - Baltimore, MD
August, 2012 - February, 2013
• Manage 50 state Environmental and Climate Justice Co-Leads • Create educational materials for member engagement and support, including the State Coal Blooded Reports, the 10,000 Steps Toolkit, and the Renewable Portfolio Standards Comprehensive Report • Coordinate and execute panels, conferences, and collaboration meetings
Energy Transition Fellow
Cornell University Global Labor Institute - New York, NY
June, 2012 - August, 2012
• Support research on the state of the U.S. Environmental Movement • Contribute to Energy Transition Framing Document by providing data on energy equity issues • Help coordinate weekend-long Labor Leaders' Climate Forum 2012 Climate Jobs Retreat •Representing Worker Institute at events for Food Workers, Food Justice, Labor Research and Action Network and Metro Labor Press •Collaborating with Restaurant Opportunities Center on study of labor conditions in food and beverage industry •Transcribing and coding interviews for research database and analysis •Assisting Cornell faculty attending COP Rio+20 negotiations •Working with international partners to facilitate research projects •Providing support for ILRIC 4313 - Labor and Social Movement Approaches to Climate Change and Sustainable Development
Energy Conservation Intern
Cornell University Campus Sustainability Office - Ithaca, NY
May, 2011 - May, 2012
• Coordinated and implemented energy conservation initiatives on campus • Oversaw more than 250 volunteers to save over 25,700kg of CO2 by turning off lights in academic buildings at night in a program called Lights Off, Cornell! • Presented findings from Lights Off, Cornell! pilot program to The State University of New York Sustainability Conference and the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education • Organized a campus wide energy competition including over 80 buildings and saving 7,591 kilowatt hours

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