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GreenStep WELL AP Exam Study Guide (PDF)

What Makes the GreenStep WELL AP Exam Study Guide Different

GreenStep LogoFrom our perspective, many of the exam prep resources on the market are born from the idea that quantity is kind. Their selling point is that if you simply take 800 practice questions, memorize 1,000 flash cards, download their iPhone app (after buying the latest iPhone), and read through their "condensed" 270 page study guide, you will eventually pass the WELL AP exam.

It is our experience that the large majority of aspiring WELL APs are full time professionals, students or individuals actively looking for work. If you are like them, you have a limited amount of time, energy and brain power to devote to studying for the exam. You need a study resource that is as condensed as possible, while still covering all the key information you need to know as a WELL AP. 

We believe that quality is much more important than quantity. Our aim is to offer a comprehensive and concise study guide that covers everything you need to know as a WELL AP - and nothing more. The feedback we've received from the professionals who have passed the WELL AP exam on their first try tells us that our approach works.

Other Supplemental Resources

This GreenStep Study Guide and our related practice exams are intended to be complete and comprehensive. While most of the questions on the exam come from the WELL Building Standard, we find the WELL Building Standard document to be too large and unorganized to serve as an effective study tool. Most of the exam questions are likely hidden somewhere within the 233 pages, but the challenge is knowing where to look and what to memorize. Any relevant WELL AP information contained in the WELL Building Standard document has already been included in our GreenStep Study Guide.

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