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GreenStep LEED v4 Green Associate Study Pack

GreenStep Best DealGreenStep's LEED Green Associate v4 Study Pack was developed in conjunction with GreenStep’s in-person and online LEED Exam Training workshops. Our approach has proven to be effective for over 10,000 GreenStep students. This package includes:

We’ve created stand alone versions of our practice exams in response to the many requests we receive from LEED Green Associate candidates who are unable to attend one of our workshops, all searching for the practice exam that will best prepare them to pass the LEED exam.

Alex Spilger, LEED APWhat Makes This LEED Study Pack Different

From our perspective, many of the exam prep resources currently on the market are born from the idea that quantity is king. Their selling point is that if you take simply 700 practice questions, memorize 1,000 flash cards, and read through their “condensed” 200-page study guide, you will eventually pass the LEED exam. It is our experience that the large majority of our workshop participants have a limited amount of time, energy and brainpower to devote to studying for the exam. You can’t afford to waste valuable time memorizing information that will not be covered on the test. You need something as condense and as accurate as possible.

Our practice exams and related materials were developed using a different approach; that QUALITY is much more important than quantity when preparing for the LEED exam. In the development of our practice exams our team has scoured every possible resource from which potential exam questions are developed, and incorporated valuable feedback from hundreds of past participants from over 300 LEED exam training workshops. The result is a collection of practice exams that very accurately reflect the content and style of questions you will see on the LEED GA exam.

The Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) developed the LEED Green Associate Exam “for professionals who want to demonstrate basic knowledge of green design, construction and operations in non-technical fields of practice.” In reality, many questions on the exam can be extremely specific and unrelated to industry, not to mention poorly worded, subject to interpretation and downright confusing. In an effort to develop the best LEED practice exams available, we have made every effort to word our questions just as they would be on the exam; any question that seems to be oddly worded or confusing has been written so intentionally. This is part of our effort to make sure you are truly prepared for the real thing.

Helpful Test Taking Tips

Like many exams, the Green Associate exam is as much about test taking abilities as it is about knowing the correct information. Following these helpful test-taking techniques can be the difference between a 169 and a passing score (170 and above):

  • If no answer(s) appear to be ‘correct’, look for the best (least false) answer(s).
  • There’s no penalty for guessing, so make sure you don’t leave any questions unanswered.
  • Eliminate any incorrect answers before guessing.
  • Avoid spending too much time on confusing questions, mark the question and come back to it at the end if needed.
  • Read each question carefully, but don’t read into each question. Don’t make unrealistic assumptions and recognize that logic and/or common sense may not always apply
  • At the end of the test, review the summary to make sure you answered all questions.

A Final Note from GreenStep Our goal is to develop the absolute highest quality LEED exam prep resources available. If you have feedback on any of our practice exams or study guides, please let us know by sending an email to programs@greenstepeducation.com.

Best of luck studying for and passing the LEED Green Associate exam!

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