LEED v4 Exam Changes

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Claire Moser
March 20, 2013

How and when will the LEED exams change with the arrival of v4 this summer?  Should I take the Green Associate now or wait until after v4?


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March 20
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Initially LEED V4 was to be launched at november, 2012, unfortunatelly it had appeared in the last time some issues regarding mostly materials and their components, thus, new launch time will be at november of this year despite there are currently pilot projects around the worls testing this new version. My recomendation for you is to to take Green Associate Testing as soon as possible and then prepare yourself for about 3 months and then test for a LEED AP with specialty. Do not wait until V4 appears because I guarantee you it will be harder to get the credentials then as LEED V4 considers more credits and differente approaches. Good luck!


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